August 31, 2017

Meaning of the name Nigel

The name Nigel can be traced back to a few different earlier names:

  •  Nigellus, Latin,  meaning champion. this appeared in the Middle Ages when the word Nel 0r Neel was written down incorrectly in various documents.
  •  Niadh, Irish, which meant the same, then developed into the word Niall , which became the name of a famous Irish king . His descendants became known as the  O’Neills.
  • Niel, French, which was created when they borrowed the name O’Neill from the Irish,

Once it appeared, Nigel was then a common name until the end of the Middle Ages, where it all but vanished until various 19th-20th century British authors revived it , including Sir Walter Scott, whose famous novel ‘The Fortunes of Nigel’ published in 1822 was probably a significant influence. After this Nigel has remained a common name in England and Wales, though it is yet to be revived for use in the rest of Europe.


























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