Get Ready for Nigel Night 2022!

Hundreds of Nigels and Nigellas wanted for mass pub gathering

23rd October 2021

Pub landlord Nigel Smith with, you guessed it, a fellow Nigel at the 2019 event


























AN EVENING aimed at supporting Nigels everywhere is making its grand return.

Nigel Night is returning in its quest to combat the “extinction” of the name.

The Office for National Statistics showed the most popular baby names in England and Wales, with Oliver once again the most common boy’s name.

But one name that hasn’t proved as popular is Nigel, with no babies given the moniker in 2020.

And the landlord of the Fleece Inn, Nigel Smith, has taken it in his hands to revive the name.


In 2019 the Bretforton boozer hosted Nigel Night, with over 400 Nigels joining together to celebrate their name and now plans have been hastily put in place for Nigel Night 2022.

Mr Smith said: “We won’t let Nigel become extinct without a fight, “We’re reclaiming the name for nice Nigels, and there’s plenty of time between now and next Nigel Night for some new Nigels and Nigellas to come into the world.

“In all seriousness, we get messages from Nigels quite often, just this week from an American 10-year-old Nigel who is (slowly) growing to like his name. We’re sending him a few Nigel badges.”


At the 2019 event, the pub had a number of Nigel-themed drinks on offer. The bar even has a ‘Book of Nigel’ which any passing Nigels are welcome to sign.

Mr Smith added: “We look forward to seeing 100s more next September and hoping to beat our own record!”

Nigel Night 2022 is due to take place on Saturday, September 24, and the announcement has certainly gone down well.

Nigel Yerrell commented: “This Nigel and his not Nigel wife have booked digs for the next Nigel night event.”

Nigel Holmes, meanwhile, said: “Gonna have to go again. Great night last time!”


At the 2019 event Nigels came from as far as Texas to join in with the festivities and even Nigel Huddleston, MP for Mid Worcestershire, popped in.

The one downside was that the event didn’t attract any Nigellas.

Speaking at the time Mr Smith said: “There were no Nigellas, which was a bit sad really – the whole thing was a ruse to try and get Nigella Lawson along.”



With thanks to Matt Hancock-Bruce and the Evesham Journal