Nigel Martin-Smith

Nigel Martin-Smith

Nigel Martin-Smith is a Manchester-based English musical band manager. He helped form the 1990s British boy band Take That. Martin-Smith entered the entertainment industry in the early 1980s working as a casting agent from offices in Manchester’s Royal Exchange. In 1989 following the success of US boyband New Kids on the Block, Martin-Smith decided to[…]

Nigel Godrich

Nigel Timothy Godrich (born 28 February 1971) is an English record producer, recording engineer and musician. He is known for his work with the English rock band Radiohead, having produced all their studio releases since OK Computer (1997). Godrich has produced all of the solo material by Radiohead singer Thom Yorke and is a member[…]

Nigel The Parrot

A pet parrot that spoke with a British accent when it disappeared from its home four years prior has been reunited with its owner – and the bird now speaks Spanish. The reunion was brought about by a Southern California vet who mistook Nigel, an African grey parrot, for her own missing bird. Teresa Micco[…]

Nigel Owens

Nigel Owens (born 18 June 1971) is a Welsh international rugby union referee. He is the current world record holder for most test matches refereed and one of three professional referees at the Welsh Rugby Union, alongside Ben Whitehouse and Craig Evans. Owens started refereeing in 1987, after his sports teacher John Beynon suggested he[…]

Nigel The CA bot

Nigel is a digital company analyst, who challenges the way you consume and digest information about companies. Whether it is a Silicon Valley unicorn, a boutique fashion e-commerce retailer in New York or a London-based biotech startup that keeps a low profile — Nigel knows the answer. Whilst other A.I. bots will retrieve facts, Nigel gathers human-like[…]

Nigel McGuinness

Steven Haworth, better known by his ring name Nigel McGuinness, is an English-American professional wrestling commentator and former professional wrestler. He is currently signed to WWE as a colour commentator for 205 Live, NXT, and Main Event. As a wrestler, he is perhaps best known for his tenure with Ring of Honor in the United[…]

Nigel Planer

Nigel George Planer is an English actor, comedian, novelist and playwright who is best known for his role as Neil in the cult BBC comedy The Young Ones and as Ralph Filthy in Filthy Rich & Catflap. He has appeared in many West End musicals, including original casts of Evita, Chicago, We Will Rock You, Wicked, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He has also appeared in Hairspray.[…]

Nigel John Taylor

Nigel John Taylor is an English musician, singer, songwriter, producer and actor, who is best known as the bass guitarist and founding member of new wave band Duran Duran. Duran Duran was one of the most popular bands in the world during the 1980s due to their revolutionary music videos which played in heavy rotation[…]

Nigel Sylvester

Nigel Sylvester is an American professional BMX athlete. He is best known for his digital and social content featuring his advanced riding skills throughout major global city streets. His most notable series is GO, which gives viewers a first hand POV of his rides featuring recognizable locations around the world and celebrity appearances. He is[…]